Woman Killed In Motorcycle Accident in Riviera Beach, Florida.

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Motorcycle accidents are often severe in nature, simply because of the inherent high-degree of exposure when driving them.  Especially when there is contact with cars or trucks, or collisions at high speeds, the outcome can be tragic.  Some motorcyclists, if lucky enough, can walk away with only moderate scrapes and bruises.  Other victims are not so lucky.  They are killed in accidents that leave their families exasperated with grief and anger.

These types of accidents, however, are often preventable by exercising adequate care while driving on public roads.  Driving under the influence poses an unreasonably significant threat to others, especially those driving motorcycles.

On Saturday, February 21, 2015, a woman was killed while riding a motorcycle on the Old Dixie Highway near Blue Heron Boulevard in Riviera Beach, Florida.  According to police, the woman, whose identity is being temporarily withheld, was speeding on her motorcycle and hit a car stopped at a red light.  She then flew over the steering column of the bike and landed on the pavement face first.  Unfortunately, she was not wearing a helmet at the time of the accident.  As a result, she suffered significant head trauma and died upon impact.  Although the motorcycle had crashed into the vehicle in front of her, the other driver was not injured.

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