Two Men Killed in Motorcycle Accident On Las Vegas Strip.

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To some people, motorcycles are the epitome of “cool.”  They are fast, agile, and in most cases, stylish.  But these aesthetics are not nearly as important as another key quality: safety.  Unfortunately, it is difficult to argue with statistics.  There is ample evidence proving that motorcycles are inherently more dangerous than any other vehicle on the road today.  If driven irresponsibly or negligently, motorcycles can cause irreparable harm to pedestrians and other drivers on the road. In some instances, a motorcycle accident may even result in a wrongful death.

On the afternoon of Saturday, December 20, 2014, a fatal accident took place between a car and a motorcycle in Las Vegas, Nevada.   At around 12:40 pm, Las Vegas police were called to the intersection of Valley View and Capella Avenues where a Nissan Altima had been hit by a Yamaha motorcycle.

According to witness statements given to police at the scene, the 27-year-old driver of the Nissan was taking a left turn when the 26-year-old motorcyclist came speeding through the intersection.  The motorcycle swerved slightly to avoid the car, but it was too late.  The impact of the collision send both vehicles flying into the air.   They rolled over together and the drivers were killed.  The Nissan had been carrying the driver’s wife and 2-year-old child at the time of the accident.  Although both were rushed to the Las Vegas University Medical Center, neither was reported to have suffered life-threatening injuries.

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