Tucson, Arizona Family Mourns Death Of 42-Year-Old Motorcyclist.

Riding a motorcycle can be a thrilling experience. Motorcyclists often describe the feeling as exhilarating, making it an exciting way to escape the mundane of every day commuting. But there are undoubtedly inherent dangers associated with motorcycle riding. Because motorcycles are slimmer than other vehicles on the roadway, other motorists may not notice a motorcycle in their blind spot. Motorcyclists may also have a more difficult time recovering from potholes and adjusting to poor weather conditions. When motorcycles are involved in motor vehicle accidents, the consequences can be deadly. Motorcyclists are far less protected when compared to other motorists, and may suffer life-threatening injuries, burns, and even wrongful death.

Forty-two-year-old Andres Pino was killed on March 30th after losing control of his powerful Yamaha F-1 motorcycle. The accident sent Pino crashing through a house on a small street near Interstate 19 in Tucson, Arizona. Although a family was home at the time of the crash, no one inside the home was injured. Pino was not so lucky. He was severely injured in the crash, and held on for only a few moments before passing away.

Pino’s sister was able to say goodbye to her brother after she heard screams coming from the neighboring home. She ran to the house and saw that her brother was still holding onto life. According to Scripps Media News, she knew her brother was dying and resolved to say a prayer and say her goodbyes.

According to Pino’s sister, her brother had been repairing the bike. She thinks the throttle may have stuck open, causing him to lose control over the motorcycle. The Yamaha F-1 is known for its speed. In fact, it can accelerate from zero to sixty in less than three seconds. Pino had traveled only 500 feet before crashing to his death, but was going fast enough to cause fatal injuries.

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