Trash Truck Involved In Accident That Hospitalized Motorcyclist.

A 59 year-old Kansas man suffered injuries that landed him in the hospital after he was involved in an accident with a city trash truck.  It is unclear who is at fault at this time, but because the trash truck is a city vehicle, another city’s police are handling the investigation.

The accident occurred around 10:40 am on Thursday, March 20, 2014.  The driver of the motorcycle suffered injuries to his hands and his face, but the trash truck driver was uninjured.  According to initial reports, “the motorcycle was attempting to pass the trash truck when the accident occurred.”  Fortunately, the motorcycle driver was wearing a helmet when the crash occurred, likely preventing more serious injuries.  He was transported to a local hospital.

It is unclear whether any citations were issued or who was at fault for the accident, but because the incident involved a city vehicle, it is under investigation by the police traffic unit of Overland Park, a neighboring town.

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