Popping A Wheelie On Christmas Morning Cost One Young Man His Life.

Russell Kuehner, a 24-year-old motorcyclist, was riding through San Antonio on Christmas morning when he unsuccessfully attempted to complete a pop wheelie. The subsequent crash tore his helmet off and killed him on impact.

According to witnesses, Kuehner was speeding and driving recklessly just moments before the fatal crash. It was about 11:30 AM on Christmas morning, a time when most motorists were driving to Christmas celebrations with their families. When Keuhner attempted to land a pop wheelie with his motorcycle, the front tire landed abruptly, causing him to wobble for a few second before completely losing control over his bike. The impact threw his helmet off his head.

Although several motorists pulled over to offer assistance, the 24-year-old motorcyclist did not survive the crash. It is suspected that he died on impact given his excessive speed and the loss of his helmet.

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