Oregon Artist Showcases Motorcycle Accident Survivors.

Portland, Oregon photographer David Frost is using his talent to tell the story of fifteen men and women who overcame serious motorcycle accidents and got back on their bikes. His show, called “Rise Above,” is now showing at See See Motor Coffee Co. in Portland.

Frost began his project by appealing to online audiences asking for anyone willing to share the store of their motorcycle accident and recovery. Each black and white photograph is featured along with text detailing the accident and how the motorcyclists were able to overcome physical and mental challenges to get back to what they love—riding.

One woman featured in the showcase, Amanda Sundvor, was riding on the back of a friend’s motorcycle in rural Colorado in 2003 when she was thrown from the bike. She rolled off the bike, crushing her knuckles, dislocating her wrist and breaking her pelvis. Although she had a long recovery with several surgeries, she still loves riding. Fourteen other stories like this are featured in the art show, which Frost hopes to transform into a book in the future.

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