Motorcyclist Suffers Life-Threatening Injuries After Being Struck By Ford Fusion.

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The driver of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle suffered life-threatening injuries following a head-on crash at around 4:55 Tuesday afternoon on U.S. 150 at Kiesler Road in Greenville, Kentucky. Chad J. Eskridge, 47 years-old, of Fredericksburg, Kentucky, was taken by ambulance to the University of Louisville Hospital after his motorcycle collided with a blue 2012 Ford Fusion driven by Kevin Bailey, 24 years-old, of Pekin, Kentucky.

According to a news release from Floyd County Sheriff, Frank Loop, the Ford Fusion was traveling westbound on U.S. 150 and crossed over the center line striking the motorcycle which was heading eastbound. Toxicology tests for both drivers are pending and speed is considered a factor, the release states.

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