Motorcyclist in Singapore, After Declining Insurance Company’s Settlement Offer, Wins Triple Damage Award of $720,000.

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On December 11, 2006, 50-year-old Koh Lye Soon was riding his motorcycle along Bukit Batok East Avenue 5 in Singapore when he was struck by a car traveling in the opposite direction.  The driver of the car, Jang Suan Yoong, was attempting to take a right-hand turn into a parking lot and miscalculated the speed of both his car and oncoming traffic.

As a result of the car accident, Mr. Soon suffered major injuries to his right foot and leg, including open fracture dislocations, and exposed damaged bones and tendons.  These injuries not only required emergency medical attention, but also required him to undergo sixteen surgeries, including foot reconstruction and muscle and skin flaps grafted from his thigh. Unfortunately, Mr. Soon’s injuries from the motorcycle accident left him with a permanent limp and recurrent bouts of physical pain in his leg and ankle joints.  In addition, Mr. Soon was no longer able to continue his employment as a truck driver.

Shortly after Mr. Soon filed his lawsuit, Mr. Yoong admitted 90% fault in the accident.  In turn, his insurer, NTUC Income, offered to settle the case with Mr. Soon for $250,000.  Believing that his injuries were far more extensive than what the insurance company had offered, Mr. Soon declined to accept the settlement and pushed forward to trial.  After years of waiting, the High Court in Singapore has finally issued a verdict in favor of Mr. Soon: a damage award of $720,000.  This figure was assessed to be appropriate because of the high cost of surgery and the loss of Mr. Soon’s job as well.  The damages awarded for pain and suffering are understood to be among the highest ever reported for a foot injury in Singapore, amounting to $57,000 for the foot and another $27,000 for other injuries.

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