Motorcycle Accident Causes Man’s Heart To Rotate Inside The Chest.

A medical report published this past week in the New England Journal of Medicine discussed an incredible motorcycle accident injury in Italy. A local man’s traumatic injuries in a motorcycle accident caused his heart to rotate 90 degrees to the right.

According to the authors of the report published on Wednesday, May 7, 2014, a biker was involved in a motorcycle hospital and sustained serious personal injuries, including broken ribs, punctured lung and ruptured spleen. When the doctors at the hospital tried to listen to the man’s heart, they found it unusually in the right side of the chest. An X-Ray and CT scan revealed that the man’s heart rotated 90 degrees to the right side of the chest.

The medical commentators observing the case described that this is an extremely rare case, especially because the injured 48 year-old biker remained conscious while his heart underwent such trauma. The doctors also say that the heart rotated due to the buildup of air in the chest from the ruptured lung, rather than from the body twisting violently during the biker accident.

Authors of the study say that this injury makes for a fascinating study of traumatic cardiothoracic injuries.

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