Foreseeable and Preventable Truck Accident Kills Bridgewater, Massachusetts Motorcyclist.

A man who had his license suspended–not once, but twice– in the last six years for driving under the influence of alcohol was nevertheless allowed to drive a truck containing explosive fuel. 

Matthew Beaucaire, an East Bridgewater, MA resident, and the man who was driving the truck at issue, has finally received a lifetime driving ban. All it took, on top of the DUIs, was a fatal motor vehicle accident. A previous legal restriction imposed as a result of his prior violations required that he have an interlock device installed on any motor vehicle that he operated.  But Beaucaire ignored this requirement, and Robert Gallagher was killed in this most recent tragic motor vehicle accident, while Gallagher operated his motorcycle.

The motorcycle accident occurred on West Street in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts.  Gallagher was pinned under the truck, and he was pronounced dead at the scene of the motorcycle accident.

This unfortunate biker accident seems to have been entirely preventable.

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