Colorado Motorcyclist Dies After Being Struck by Multiple Motor Vehicles.

Motorcycles provide an increased sense of freedom when traveling, but that freedom comes at a price, namely, the loss of protective walls, seat belts, and other safety measures that are found in other types of motor vehicles.  If involved in a collision, there is little to save a motorcyclist from serious harm, which is why other vehicles are expected to use a greater amount of caution when driving around and near motorcycles.

Denver, Colorado police are searching for at least one driver who they believe was not attentive or alert regarding the motorcyclist nearby. Recently, at around 4:30 AM, on the southbound Interstate 25 at Santa Fe Drive, a motorcyclist was struck from behind by a semi-truck.  The motorcyclist, whose name has not been released, was flung from his motorcycle and landed further down the road.  Then, a sedan and a box-style delivery truck hit the man and he died.  All three vehicles left the scene of the fatal accident.

Police are currently searching for all three drivers, who may face criminal charges.  Police told that “the driver (of the semi) may not even know that he hit someone but I have reason to believe those other vehicles do know that they hit someone or at least something.” This fits the pattern that drivers, especially of large vehicles, are not as attentive as necessary to motorcyclists near them.  What might only be a minor collision with a car or truck can be a fatal accident with a motorcycle.  In addition to possible criminal charges, the three drivers may also be sued in civil court for the wrongful death of the motorcyclist and the pain and suffering caused to his family.

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