California Motorcycle Accident Results In One Wrongful Death And Two Injured.

A collision between two motorcycles and one car in Tranquility, California has resulted in the wrongful death of one motorcyclist and personal injuries to two other individuals.

A 73-year-old man, carrying a 67-year-old female passenger, was driving his 2008 Harley Davidson motorcycle on James Road near Tranquility, California on Sunday June 2nd. A friend of the couple was riding her own motorcycle closely behind the Harley.

A 1994 Ford Taurus had stopped on James Road, while waiting to turn left into a driveway. The male Harley driver was unable to brake in time and collided into the rear of the Ford Taurus. The biker and his female passenger were thrown from the motorcycle in the course of the motorcycle accident.

The man died at the scene of the biker accident and his passenger sustained serious personal injuries to her legs and pelvis. The other motorcycle driver also failed to break in time and crashed into the Ford and Harley. The second motorcyclist sustained minor injuries to her chin and pelvis.

Both injured women were transported to the Community Regional Medical Center emergency room in Fresno, CA to receive medical treatment for their injuries. The occupants of the Ford Taurus were uninjured in the fatal motorcycle crash.

According to local police, neither alcohol nor drugs seem to be a factor in the motorcycle accident.

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